Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Journal articles on Tsotsitaal

The persuasive effect of Tsotsitaal in HIV / AIDS material by E.O. Saal; C.R. Fredericks

I've been speaking Tsotsitaal all my life without knowing it by Raj Mesthrie

Style Tsotsi-style and Tsotsitaal by Rosalind C. Morris

Bible translation : a quest to reach the "Millennial Generation" of the South African townships and communities by Risimati Hobyane; Pierre Jordaan;

African Cultural Systems and the language in African transition: the case of urban youth in Tsakane Township by David Bogopa

Tsotsitaal global culture and local style by Ellen Hurst

An introduction to flaaitaal (or tsotsitaal) by Makhudu

Tsotsitaal dictionaries online

I've found some links to online Tsotsitaal dictionaries here:

Ikasi ringas school of Tsotsi taal on Facebook

A facebook group (scheduled to be archived)

Just a few words here

My website

First up, my own website which outlines our current research project looking at Tsotsitaal in South Africa:

Tsotsitaal research

Blog to share resources on Tsotsitaal

Hi all,

This blog will be a space to share resources on Tsotsitaal and other urban african languages varieties, as well as interesting articles on urban youth identity, language practice including slang, and subcultural styles.

Feel free to point me at good resources that I've missed...